Policy on Handling of Customer Personal Information PRIVACY

Policy on Handling of Customer Personal Information

Recognizing the importance of personal information provided by customers (hereinafter “Customer’s Personal Information”), we, Sumitomo Shoji Chemicals Co., Ltd., manage this information as described below to handle it properly.

  1. Purposes for utilization of personal information
    We utilize Customer’s Personal Information within the necessary scope for achieving the following purposes. We will not utilize Customer’s Personal Information for purposes other than the following without the advance consent of the customer.
    ・For provision to customers of our products and services
    ・For provision to customers of information about our products and services
    ・For research and development leading to new products and services
  2. Provision of personal information to a third party
    We will not, except in cases where legally permitted, provide Customer’s Personal Information to a third party without the advance consent of the customer.
  3. Security Control Action
    We shall take actions to keep Customer’s Personal Information accurate and up to date, and to prevent illegal access to the Customer’s Personal Information as well as loss, destruction, falsification, or leakage.
  4. Entrusting the handling of Customer’s Personal Information
    In the event that we entrust the handling of Customer’s Personal Information, we shall obligate such entrusted party to take appropriate security control in accordance with the contract and we shall exercise necessary and appropriate supervision over such entrusted person.
  5. Observance of laws and review of policies
    We shall observe all applicable laws, regulations, guidelines and any other standards related to the handling of Customer’s Personal Information, and shall periodically review and improve our policies as provided above.
  6. Handling of personal information specific to products and services
    We may in some cases separately stipulate handling of Customer’s Personal Information, such as purpose for utilization, individually for specific products or services provided by us.
  7. Disclosure, correction, and ceasing utilization of personal information
    When requests are made by customers for disclosure, correction, or ceasing use of their own personal information, we shall endeavor to handle the requests properly and promptly upon confirming the identity of the customer. Please note that in response to such requests for disclosure, etc., we may ask the customer to present documentation confirming identity (driver’s license, passport, etc.).
    Please use the contact information below for making requests to us for disclosure, etc. of Customer’s Personal Information, as well as for inquiries involving complaints or consultation.

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