Functional Chemicals Business Unit

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The Functional Chemicals Business Unit consists of three (3) groups, the Fine Chemicals Group, the Functional Material Group and the Inorganic Chemicals Group, handling functional, fine and inorganic chemicals required in various fields. We aim to meet customers’ requirements through reliable supply and proactive actions by taking advantage of our high specialty and flexibility as a chemicals trader and our trusting relationship with many customers.


The Functional Chemicals Business Unit is committed to expanding its global business as a chemicals trader of Sumitomo Corporation Group with high specialty and flexibility. We have established our organization globally, for example, exporting competitive raw materials made in Japan, importing engineering plastics made in Europe and Asia, and importing soda ash made in the United States, for customers’ requirements.


  • Fine Chemicals Group

    The Fine Chemicals Group deals in specialty chemicals made for cosmetics, personal care goods, semiconductors, and battery materials.

  • Inorganic & Functional Materials Group

    The Functional Materials Group deals in functional monomers and other specialty chemicals made for plastics, elastomer, paint, ink, adhesives, and biochemicals.

  • Soda Ash Group

    The Inorganic Chemicals Group deals in soda ash and boron compound used for glass and detergent powder, as well as basic inorganic chemicals such as acid, alkalis, and minerals.

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