Electronic Materials Business Unit

The Electronic Materials Business Unit provides total solutions for the electronics material field by fully utilizing Sumitomo Corporation Group’s strength, which has a global reach, and know-how accumulated in the chemical materials field.

Our Unit has two groups at three sites in Japan—Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya—as well as overseas representatives in order to provide high-quality and precise service.

For the semiconductors field, we have the capabilities to meet customers’ needs, with the provision of silicon wafers, compound wafers, polishing pads for ultra-precision polishing, slurries and its raw materials and additives, sealant materials, and resists related materials.

For printed circuit board (PCBs) and flexible printed circuits (FPCs) and related materials, we provide various services, including hazardous materials distribution and our “Just in Time” delivery system, by organizing a business platform of not only substrate materials, but also processing materials.

Our Unit always pursues new values and creation of materials and products in response to drastic changes brought by technical innovations including the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), next-generation high-speed communication, and automatic automobiles.

The Electronics Materials Business Unit will strive to tackle all changes and challenges amid this rapid technological advancement with “SSC,” Secure, Speedy and Commitment.

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